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About Our Studio


Beginning as Sandy Stramonine School of Dance, what is now Legacy Dance Academy
was founded in 1980 by Sandy Stramonine whose philosophy was to establish a school of dance
emphasizing both technique and artistry.  


Our Philosophy:
At Legacy Dance Academy, we pride ourselves on teaching 'Life Lessons' along with 'Dance Lessons'.  Our studio hosts a Christmas Show every other year with all proceeds going to local charities and our older students have taught dance to children facing domestic violence in Newark and performed in Gracious Dance's Show Of Hope to raise funds for survivors of domestic violence & sexual assault.   Additionally, we make a great effort to provide our students with opportunities to grow as both dancers and people.  We host an annual Summer Workshop in August and attend the Manhattan Dance Project and Dance Masters of America Workshops.  Our students have participated in 'Dance Book Clubs' and annually, our Intermediate & Advanced Dancers complete a Dance History Research Project and perform at Pultneyville's annual Illumination Celebration.

​We are proud of all of our dancers whether they go on to professional careers in dance
or those who dance just because they love to move.
Wherever their career path takes them, they will be an educated audience that will keep the arts alive!

What Makes Us Special:

  • Our Teachers genuinely care about our students; We get to know them not just as dancers but as people​

  • ​Family Friendly Atmosphere

  • Experience: Legacy Dance Academy, formally Sandy Stramonine School of Dance has been in operation for over 40 Years

    • ​Credits of our Alumni include Broadway, Disney, Garth Fagan Dance, Sesame Street Live, Cruise Lines, Nashville Ballet, and many more.  

    • Students have been accepted to a variety of College Dance Programs including Juilliard, Point Park University, Oklahoma City University, The Hartt School, and several others.

  • ​We are a Non-Competitive School; 

    • We focus on developing proper technique amongst our dancers and emphasize the value of dance as an art form from which students constantly learn from

  • Opportunities: Manhattan Dance Project, Dance Masters of America & Guest Teachers/Workshops

  • Life long friendships are developed amongst our dancers


“I have been coming out to Sandy Stramonine School of Dance, now Legacy Dance Academy, for over 10 years now and I am always amazed and humbled by the respect, professionalism, and amazing attitude of the students, faculty, and staff. This year was no exception, the students were attentive, extremely respectful, open, and most of all HUNGRY!  Their eagerness to learn and explore movement inspired me to give them all I have, and really dive into the artistry of dance. The attitude and professionalism of the students (at any dance studio) comes from the top down; this is a testament to the legacy of Sandy and the new leadership of Allison! I am grateful to always be asked back and will continue to teach  there as long as possible!"
~Jon Lehrer, Choreographer 'Jon Lehrer Dance'

"The discipline I learned growing up at the studio prepared me to study dance in college, and still shapes my practice in the studio as a performer and choreographer. As an educator, I try to instill the same lessons about hard work, personal responsibility, and the joy of dance that Sandy did, and that Allison continues today. Every time I come home to teach I am impressed with the level of focus and professionalism these dancers have. It is such a pleasure to work with SSSD, now Legacy students - they are creative, kind and passionate about their craft!"
~Erin Kouwe, Adjunct Faculty with Belmont University's Dance Dept,
Teaching Artist with Nashville Ballet & New Dialect, Studio Graduate Class of 2007

"Having grown up myself at SSSD, (now Legacy Dance Academy), I couldn’t think of a more disciplined and nurturing environment to have not only my daughter but also my son, embrace something that they have come to love as much as I did(do)!  Even as the next generation of the studio grows, the alumni of the studio teach and promote the values and standards that have made the studio what it is today. The quality of dance education is one of, if not the best in the area. When you join this studio, you join family."
~Paula Mencucci (Facebook Review)

"At Legacy Dance Academy (formally SSSD), my instructors prepared me to go out into the real world after high school. I learned how to go through life with class and confidence. My time at the studio was amazing and some of the best years of my life."
Lauren "Smiley" Diller, Class of 2015 ​

"SSSD, now Legacy Dance Academy, was not just a place to dance, it was a place that I consider my second home. At the studio I became more outgoing, determined and self confident. You create friendships and memories that last a lifetime not just with your classmates but also with your teachers. This studio not only creates you into the best dancer you can be but also the best person you can be."
Taylor Wood, Class of 2018

"LOVE SSSD (now Legacy Dance Academy)! They are very professional, loving wonderful teachers that care so much about the students and the art of Dance. What a wonderful experience we have had. Can't wait for the next season and to see the growth. The structured classes result in a beautiful recital that all enjoy. Thanks for making my daughter's dance experience so rewarding for us all."
Heather Resseguie (Facebook Review)

Legacy Dance Academy, (formerly SSSD) is an amazing place! The faculty is amazing. While they are certainly wonderful dance instructors, they are also wonderful people. People who care about their students as dancers and as people, helping them learn technique, discipline, confidence, and grace. I danced there for over 10 years myself, and when my daughter was old enough, there was nowhere else I could imagine her dancing.
Leesa Hart Israel (Facebook Review)

"I started watching Sandy's dancers way back in the 1970s when I first moved to this area and they danced at the Marion Elementary School. I didn't know a single dancer personally back then. I just enjoyed the performances. I am still watching them now in 2017 because my granddaughter goes to Sandy's School of Dance, (now Legacy Dance Academy). I think the shows just get better and better every year! 
Such a great supportive dance community at this studio!!"
Kathi Paetzold (Facebook Review)

"Dancing at this studio taught me no only what it's like to work hard,..I've learned that there is much more to dancing than just the steps.  Though they are important, it's the family you build and the feeling of pure happiness you get when you dance here that is truly special".
Maddy Harding, 2018
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